Robot:bit battery charging

  • Hello. I have microbit and robotbit. So i used robotbit for sometime to power up and control my motors, but oneday somehow battery stop working. If i connect usb to microbit or to robotbit everything is ok. But if i connect same battery directly to microbit everything is working fine. I checked battery and it is fully charged. Is where any way to reinstall, upgrade or reset robotbit? And how power indicator is working? Now if microbit and robotbit are conected together and i plug usb into microbit red power indicator is on. If i plug usb into robotbit red power indicator (closest to usb port) is on too and next one is flashing. So as i understood, flashing means charging? Right? After sometime it stops flashing and just lighting. So? Battery is fully charged? And if disconnect usb nothing is working. I can switch it on or switch it off - nothing happens. No lights. So 😃 What can i do? And jumper near switch? What it is doing?

  • hello. it's me again 😃 i found a problem. power switch is not working properly anymore. i need to move it and press on it with finger. as soon as i take my finger away switch is not working. you must make more reliable switch on next version of board. i used robotbit for one month only.

  • inside a switch are a small metall ball and a small spring. looks like spring or ball just moved out from proper place or spring is not so strong anymore. and there is small bended plate. maybe i need to bend it a little bit more, so it is touching contacts anyway.

  • ohhh... don't try it at home or someone can die or diy 😃 it was almost impossible to collect switch back. but i just pull out spring, so it's pressing a little harder and collect everything together. now it's working fine 😃