Cannot control using the app with kittenbot

  • I purchased a kittenbot and for some reason I cannot connect to it with the remote control app I have turn the unit on with the switch in the correct location I have linked to my router I have shut off the device after restarting with the Switchback I can start the app on my Samsung but I cannot connect to it when using the application. Whenever the wifi icon in the upper-right changes from red to White I can click it and connect to the kittenbot but when I start the app my remote control does nothing. I must be doing something wrong but it seems that I'm so close can someone guide me?

  • @orange Sorry for that our APP is under refactoring, for now the app only works with MiniLFR kit, we will release the new app before the end of Feb. Please keep tuned and thank you very much for your patience.

  • @riven
    I am confused. The IOS application is called Kittenbot. Does this mean that the IOS app will not drive Kittenbot until the end of Feb?

    I am confused.


  • @donrolph Hi Don, do you download the latest KittenBlock software V1.62, you can update the firmware and you're able to use the KittenBot App to control your robot.

    Christina Zhang
    Kittenbot Team

  • @christina Ok, but I have been trying to get information on downloading firmware to Kittenbot for a bit here.

    1. How should this firmware load be done?

    2. any precautions to avoid bricking the Kittenbot?

    3. does kittenbot come with an initial firmware load?